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In nature, light creates color; In a painting, color creates the light!

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I have compiled here some of the feedback that I have recieved from students in Pune where I'd conducted painting classes for over 6 years. I sincerely thank all of them for penning down their comments. These are exact excerpts from their feedback notes. More recent reviews from Hyderabad students can be viewed at my google place.

“Kavita can make out of a beginner a big artist. She teaches right from the beginning the correct way to paint a picture. I'm very happy to have found such a professional person…I’ll definitely come back to learn a new technic.” – Sabina, Switzerland
“I had come here for coffee painting but looking at the art works & paintings, I thought of exploring painting which was a great experience in short time, I learnt almost many things & good tips also. I would want to continue here but the problem of me not staying in Pune. But I would definitely come over here when I’m free.” Sheetal, Bombay
“Kavitha taught me  a lot & helped me while learning glass painting even though it was my first painting.”Ankita Jain
“My daughter enjoyed every class. The content you have covered are very good. I’m very impressed with your talent & your encouraging young talent.”Dr Sushma Habbu
“I learnt a lot here, enjoyed myself every minute of it. I think your paintings are very graceful. It was both a pleasure and priviledge to be your student.”Kalpana Shivdasani
“It was a great experience over here. I have learnt to make portraits. Sketching is fun but at Kavita’s, it is even more fun ‘coz she pays a lot of attention on her students.”Roohi
“I thoroughly enjoyed learning charcoal, water color, oil paintings from Kavita. She is a wonderful person and a great teacher. She knows how to motivate and take the best out of you. Her classes have really helped me to bring out my skills. Amazing experience.” Irin Bhar, IT Professional
“I’ve completed five sketches so far and learning with Kavita has given me a lot of confidence that I can actually be really good at it one day! You are more of a gentle guider than  a teacher and I learnt a lot from watching you.”  – Khushnoor Dastoor, IT Professional
“Kavita is an excellent teacher, she really knows her stuff. I’ve started off with sketching and have been able to master the basics because of her guidance. She gives you a lot of freedom and space to try your own thing. I’ve learnt a lot in the last four months and hope to continue with other mediums next year. It has been a very enriching experience and has helped me to hone my latent skills.” Sweta Lodaya, IT Entrepreneur
“Kavita is very creative, energetic, full of creative ideas and always ready to help without any doubt and beyond extent. She gives space to me to try my ideas for any design, then she suggests as to how to make it more beautiful and elegant.”Isha Gupta, Engg Student
“I had a great time learning charcoal painting, it was something new and different. Ma’m is very sweet and helpful. She has a creative brain. And it is really nice that she is sharing her knowledge and art with many others.” Suchita Zawar
“Thank you Kavita for giving new direction to  my creative burst while teaching mosaic technique. I totally enjoyed this new learning experience and hope to continue in near future.” Shruta Sohoni
“I had a great time in learning. For me everything was new in art but bcoz of ma’m everything is very sweet. She helps a lot to me. I already learnt oil, mosaic, and drawing, but I  want to learn many things. Thanks Kavita for giving me right direction in the field of art.”Aditi, Animation student
“My daughter Nikita was the source of my meeting with Kavita. I was very impressed by the various types of paintings all around her house. Kavita agreed to make a charcoal portrait of Nikita’s cousin within two days! That painting was very impressive and was the best birthday gift.”Praveena Zawar
“You are my first art teacher, who has encouraged me in drawing and painting. I enjoy your classes and would love to work with you in future. One day I might knock your door with a good business deal. Love and respect always…” - Shivangi Awasti
“Lovely and generous by nature and attitude. She is “Dronacharya”, yes true “GURUji”! I love her and she has wonderfull class & inbuilt talent. I got a small drop of water from her immense ocean. Inspite of my distance, she inspired me to be here on time for the class!” Pinki Rai
“Kavita is filled with creativity & such an inspiration. Her “art work” is too good. I’ve been under her guidance here for some time now and it has given me the courage to explore art. I never knew how to hold a brush! But now I’ve painted more than 20 oil painting of which three are my original and would like to give due credit to Kavita.” Tabassum Khan, IT Professional
“Without having any bit of art knowledge I came here. But now I really learned and got immense confidence that I can do things on my own. I recommend kavitha to anyone as she teaches so many things in arts & crafts.” Vani Vijay
“I am very happy to make two knife paintings within 5-6 classes. I am thankful to Kavita who taught me this technique. She is excellent in her ART. She taught me various things like how to use brush stroke, knife strokes. I wish to learn more techniques from her.” Nitil Coudhary, Entrepreneur
“I have learnt almost all the mediums & types of art that Kavita madam teaches in the last one year. She is a brilliant artist. She helped me a lot and polished me. I am interested in art. Before coming here I was not so much interested in art but after seeing madam’s creation, skill, confidence, I thought I can also do it and my interest  has increased a lot.” Pooja Gandhi, Student, Ahmed Nagar
“I had a real great time learning OIL PAINTING from you. Kavita is one of those truly gifted people. She paints with such an ease as though  is inborn to her. So talented! So Creative!!”Shilpa Varun
“I had a great time here and I enjoyed with Kavita ma’m. She is very nice, understanding & full of ideas. I learned Tanjore painting from her. God bless her and she will bless us with all her new & creative ideas!” Gehna M Lalwani